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Easy Tips For Finding A Qualified Water Well Driller

Easy Tips For Finding A Qualified Water Well Driller

Ellensburg Well Drillers

Use qualified professionals:

When your well needs service, make the effort to find a qualified water well systems contractor. Here are some considerations:

1. Make sure you select a licensed contractor to perform the work.

2. The contractor must be certified through the State of Washington Dept. of Ecology program for water well drillers and pump installers. They must also have passed the exams and take continuing education courses.

3. A qualified contractor will have adequate equipment in good condition to do the job.truck

4.  Must have bond to insure and protect you.

5. Familiar with applicable health and safety codes.

6. Good reputation with previous customers? Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

Understand the problem:

When your well needs maintenance, have the contractor explain the problem so that you understand it. then it will be easy for the both of you to resolve the issue at hand.

Sometimes well owners become frustrated because they don’t understand their water well system. Sometimes the well owner does not ask enough questions or the contractor doesn’t adequately explain the problem and/or solutions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you are satisfied.  For example, over time the amount of water a well yields can decrease. Sometimes that is because the water table is dropping. Other times it can be caused by the plugging or mineral encrustation of the well screen, bedrock formation or the filling of openings in the geologic formation around the well from which water flows. No one solution addresses all of these problems.

Working with your contractor to understand the correct cause or causes of problems can increase your confidence and comfort level in moving forward with solutions.


Ellensburg Construction of a Water Well

A DRILLED WATER WELL consists of an excavation or structure created in the ground by boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers. This process is usually done by rotating a hollow drill pipe with a BIT on the bottom. Pushing high volumes of air through the drill pipe and out the bit at such force that the air will blow the drilled materials (cuttings) up and out of the hole with the upper part being lined with casing.rotary drill bit

The CASING does a triple action, preventing the collapse of the borehole walls, providing housing for a pump mechanism and for the pipe. This action allows the water to move from the pump to the surface.steel pipe

The casing must have a DRIVE SHOE attached to the bottom to prevent damage while driving the pipe to make a good seal with the formation. Drilling for water is a demanding operation where rock conditions can vary from work site to work site.Driveshoe6inch

Below the casing, the lower portion of the borehole is the INTAKE through which water enters the well. The intake is an open hole in the formation below the casing. The Washington State Department of Ecology requires your well driller to log the formation of the geological conditions of your well as it deepens.

When the well is near completion, your driller blows the water with air to determine the yield amount. Then a process called BLOWING begins, this develops the water well, allowing the thick dirty drilling mud out and lets new & fresh water in.NCM_0199

After your water well is completed, a temporary cap is welded onto your wellhead, to prevent any debris from entering the well. A permanent vented cap will be replaced when your pumping system is installed.


Water Well Drilling with Rotary Drill in Kittitas

Apple Valley Well DrillingAt Apple Valley Well Drilling, Inc, we use a Rotary Drill to complete our wells.Most Domestic wells are drilled to 6 or 8 inches in diameter. Whereas Commercial or Irrigation wells are often drilled at larger diameters.
Rotary Drilling is when a drill bit is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. The drill bit is made of tough metals so as the drill rotates, the bit grinds the formation. The broken formation is then flushed upward and out of the hole. The drillers force air and water to create slurry down through the drill pipe to force the water and formation back to the surface. This slurry also serves to cool and lubricate the drill bit. As the drill bit intersects water, bearing formations it will flow into the hole. Drillers carefully monitor the depth of water by tracking the formations as they drill. By monitoring the depths and formations, this process assist with future drilling in the area.

What is a Well in Cle Elum

Groundwater is almost everywhere, supplying drinking water for over 50% of the United States. Moreover, is an important component in many industrial processes. Groundwater is a source of recharge for lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The water table may be deep or shallow; and may rise or fall depending on many factors such as; heavy rains or melting snow and heavy pumping of groundwater.

A Well is a pipe in the ground that fills with groundwater. This water can be brought to the surface by a pump. Shallow wells may go dry if the water table falls below the bottom of the well. Some wells, called artesian wells, do not need a pump because of natural pressures that force the water up and out of the well.

Saturated Zone is the area where water fills the aquifer and the top of this zone is called the Water Table. The water table may be located only a foot below the ground’s surface or it can sit hundreds of feet down.

Aquifers are usually made of gravel, sand, sandstone, or fractured rock, like basalt. Water can move through these materials because they have large connected spaces that make them permeable. Water in aquifers can be brought to the surface naturally through a spring.

Groundwater Flow depends on the size of spaces that are between the soil and rock and how they are connected, which can be extracted through a well drilled into the aquifer and pumped out.


Estimating the Depth & Cost of your Water Well in Ellensburg

A Water Well Contractor cannot tell you exactly to what depth they will drill or the exact amount of water that the well will yield.

The contractor estimates by utilizing the information of average depth for your area (zone) and knowledge of ground formations. In most cases water can be tapped from 100 to 300 ft while in some areas 500 to 1000 ft deep is normal.

The First cost for your water well will be the permit, which is a cost set by the Washington State Department of Ecology or if on Tribal Land, a permit is required through the Water Code Administration.

The Second determining factor is the estimated cost of your well. The Drilling Contractors charge by the foot along with any drilling cost as well as pipe usage. It is important that your Well Contractor along with the Well Driller, is Licensed and Bonded in the State of Washington, with a reputable reputation. It is the Well Contractors duty to give a good faith estimate.

If the water first tapped is adequate for your family, then drilling can stop. If not, then drilling may have to go deeper. (A family of four uses approximately 300 gallons of water each day).

 Let us not say what we are, but let us prove what we are; by being 100% Owner/Operators, providing education, free diagnostic review with estimates along with an amazing 30-day customer support guarantee

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Purchasing a Home with a Water Well in Ellensburg

Before purchasing a home you should require proof that your water well is of sufficient supply. If you are borrowing money from an institute such as a bank, sometimes they will require a test be completed. However, if you are purchasing on private contract seek assistance from a licensed water well drilling company before the closing of the sale. If a new water system or the upgrade of an existing system is necessary, through appropriate testing, part of the purchase price should be held in escrow to cover the expense.

The owner of a residential property with their own private water well systems should supply you (the purchaser) with information about the following:

Well Location and type of construction

Types of materials used in the construction including the pipes leading to the house

Age of the system and pump

Location of septic systems and its relation to the well

Is the water supply being softened and by what process

Is the present method of water adequate for your needs


Well Construction in Ellensburg

When constructing a well it is critical to establish the right location for the well, sizing the system correctly and choosing the proper construction techniques. Only professional water well contractors should install wells. They are familiar with the hydrology in an area and all local codes and regulations. Proper well construction is important part to operating and maintaining a well.

A well is composed of many components. The most important materials used include:

  • Casing is to maintain an open access in the earth while not allowing any entrance or leakage into the well from the surrounding formations. The most popular materials used for casing are black steel and PVC pipe.
  • Bentonite is a sealant that is used to fill in the spaces around the outside of the well, which protects the well against any intrusion of contaminants.
  • Screen is available in many materials and is installed when wells are drilled into unconsolidated materials. This screen keeps sand and gravel out of the well at the same time allowing groundwater and water from formations to enter into the well


Time Needed To Drill A Well

Well Diagram

Well Diagram

Well drilling completion times vary from a half day to three days or longer.  Drilling time is affected by many factors including time to set up, difficult drilling formations and weather.  All of these factors vary from site to site and well to well.  These are also factors that we have no control over.  In addition, the time it takes to develop each well is different.  Because of these variables there is no way for us to give a fixed time for well completion.

Space Required To Drill My Well


apple valley well drilling

Apple Valley Well Drilling

Imagine a 30ft truck that is 8ft wide and is towing a 30ft boat that is 8ft wide, the well is drilled where the trailer hitch would be.  Additional room is required on both sides of the rig and water truck for the access and for the drilling process.

Benefits Of A Geothermal Well

Geothermal Well

geothermalGeothermal Wells are the future of home comfort. Conventional cooling and heating systems are costly and environmentally unsound. If the monthly savings don’t convince you, consider this:

According to the EPA, Geothermal Wells operate with 75% greater efficiency than oil furnaces, 48% greater efficiency than gas furnaces and 40% greater efficiency than air source heat pumps.  Some local utilities offer incentives for those who install a geothermal system. Federal tax credits are also available. Save the planet, save some money, with a geothermal well, you can’t lose.

We can install geothermal wells for heat pumps that use the earth’s heat to heat and cool your home. Here is how it works.

In a closed loop system, a series of pipes called a loop is installed in the ground. A water solution is then circulated through the pipes and is heated from the earth’s heat and transferred back into your home through your ventilation. In the summer months the heat is extracted from your home into the pipes and then transferred to the ground. It can also be used to heat water.

Open loop systems operate on the same principle as closed loop systems but rather than a series of loops, two wells are installed(supply and return). From the supply well, water is pumped from an aquifer, then circulated through the heat pump to cool or heat your home. The water is returned to the same aquifer via the return well. Wells from open loop systems can also be used for irrigation and/or domestic use.

Apple Valley Well Drilling is certified by IGSHPA in socket fusion and vertical loop installations. We perform a full range of geothermal well drilling and pump installations.

We hope that you enjoyed why “Benefits of A Geothermal Well”. If you have additional questions about a new or existing well than please call our office for immediate assistance.

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