Easy Tips For Finding A Qualified Water Well Driller

Ellensburg Well Drillers

Use qualified professionals:

When your well needs service, make the effort to find a qualified water well systems contractor. Here are some considerations:

1. Make sure you select a licensed contractor to perform the work.

2. The contractor must be certified through the State of Washington Dept. of Ecology program for water well drillers and pump installers. They must also have passed the exams and take continuing education courses.

3. A qualified contractor will have adequate equipment in good condition to do the job.truck

4.  Must have bond to insure and protect you.

5. Familiar with applicable health and safety codes.

6. Good reputation with previous customers? Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

Understand the problem:

When your well needs maintenance, have the contractor explain the problem so that you understand it. then it will be easy for the both of you to resolve the issue at hand.

Sometimes well owners become frustrated because they don’t understand their water well system. Sometimes the well owner does not ask enough questions or the contractor doesn’t adequately explain the problem and/or solutions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you are satisfied.  For example, over time the amount of water a well yields can decrease. Sometimes that is because the water table is dropping. Other times it can be caused by the plugging or mineral encrustation of the well screen, bedrock formation or the filling of openings in the geologic formation around the well from which water flows. No one solution addresses all of these problems.

Working with your contractor to understand the correct cause or causes of problems can increase your confidence and comfort level in moving forward with solutions.